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Instagram Analytics

Converting Instagram followers into customers isn't as simple as posting more. It’s vital to understand what content your followers engage with, when they engage, and who can best spread the word about your brand. Reech gives the you the ability to understand your audience and how to interact with them to get the maximum Reech.

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Track Follower Engagements

Wouldn't it be nice to see at a glance when a high-value potential follower interacts with your content? Reech captures all users that engage with your content and ranks them based on their potential to spread the word about your brand.

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Identify Influencers

You have 20k followers but can you distinguish who are authentic influencers? Do you know why they follow you? What content they engaged with the most? You can with Reech! Easily identify the influencers in your following and track all the content that they engage with.

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Track Locations

How do you know when someone makes a post about your location? Reech allows you to track your businesses location as well as the locations around your business so that when an influencer tags content at one of those locations you will be able to engage with that user.

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Run Campaigns

It's difficult to know if you're posting the right content without the ability to compare posts with metrics. Reech gives you the ability to run campaigns based on hashtags and measure the performance of your initiatives against each other to see what resonates most with your audience.

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Analyze Your Content

Content is king and you have to use metrics to gage how your audience is responding to your posts. In Reech, you can see what posts have performed the best as well as what post generated the largest number of new influencer engagement.

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Multiple Accounts in One Dashboard

Manage multiple Instagram accounts with ease. Reech provides you with the ability to analyze content, run campaigns, identify influencers, track locations, and monitor follower engagement all in one dashboard.
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Reech Customers

Nate schmidt
Reech helped us identify a strategy that increased our Instagram following by 10x. We use Reech to identify our top Influencers and engage with them more effectively.
Nate Schmidt CEO, Instagift
Russell hooks
To get an added boost out of Instagram, Reech provides great insight into in-depth Instagram analytics. There's not a better tool to identify your Instagram influencers.
Russell Hooks Founder, Happenins in the Ham

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